Ethics Statement- MSPA member companies do not charge shoppers to apply with our companies. Over the last several years, there are more and more Non-MSPA companies on the Internet who charge incoming applicants a fee to apply at their websites. In many cases, the fee simply entitles the applicant to gain access to the websites of other mystery shopping companies. There is a wealth of free information available on mystery shopping at www.mspa-ap.org

Our site list hundreds of shopping companies where you can apply for free. As a member of MSPA, our companies are not allowed to charge shoppers any fees.

There are many Non-MSPA companies that charge a fee and promise to share your name with Mystery Shopping companies around the country and/or find you work. This is not required but should you choose one of these companies, be sure there is a sound refund policy in place should you be unhappy with the results.

For Members

Code of Professional Guidelines and Ethics Agreement for MEMBERS - download

  • Applying the Code (MSPA Code Professional Standards and Ethical Conduct) - download
  • Best Business Practices - download
  • Enforcement : Violations by Members towards Members - Edownload 

For Mystery Shoppers

  • Code of Professional Guidelines and Ethics Agreement for SHOPPERS- download
  • Enforcement : violations by Certified Shoppers - download


MSPA Guidelines - Global / full version - download

  • MSPA Guidelines - applicable in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America Regions -  download
  • MSPA Guidelines - applicable inNorth America Region - download
  • Abstract of Guidelines - download

Extract from the official MSPA Guidelines for Mystery Shopping

(applicable in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America Regions)

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