MSPA AP Statement 21 September 2020

Dear Members,


In July 2020, the MSPA Global posted a statement on the Global Website on the matter of suspension of MSPA-AP from the MSPA Global Association. This document and information may have raised some questions in your mind. We here at MSPA Asia Pacific encourage transparency in communication and follow through with our members. Here below is a brief background for our members to better understand the flow of events. Briefly the following events led to this post.


An AP Board Member switched his job and joined a US based company with an office in India. Since all Board Members are elected only on the basis if he/she is primary representative of a Regular Member Company, the said person had to leave his position of primary representative from the Member company and also lost his position of VP / Director on the AP Board.


This US based company applied for regular membership so as to gain back the position on the Board for the same person, which had already been filled in by another person. The AP Board after due consideration of the application, offered them additional membership, this was as per the relevant provision in the AP Bylaws. The company had been an Additional member previously with AP and has a history of problems with AP Region for which it was issued two warning letters.


A complaint was filed to the Global by this company against the MSPA-AP Board of Directors, on the basis of being discriminated as their application for Regular membership was denied. The GB investigated the matter and found the AP Bylaws were not aligned with the other regions (these Bylaws have been in use since 2004 and updated in 2018). The GB issued sanctions to AP to amend the AP Bylaws, grant this company full membership, restore the person in question as a Board Member and give him the position of VP which he was holding prior to his resigning.  The AP Board took a firm stand as the AP Bylaws did not permit that. As AP did not comply to the sanctions the GB suspended AP membership from Global rights and privileges as of July 2020.


The AP Board continued making efforts to de-escalate the situation, they were determined to solve this dispute in an amicable way and initiated a conversation with the Global to resolve this issue. It may be mentioned that AP Board showed maximum constraint during all this time, only to ensure that MSPA continues as the single body with strength and harmony. Global was open to the same and showed collaborative will and a reasonable proposition to set things back to normal.  


After discussions, it was communicated by the Global that they will separate the 2 issues – aligning the MSPA AP Bylaws and granting membership to the American company. AP agreed to amend their Bylaws to be aligned with the other regions. However, on the matter of membership and Board position it was agreed to be dealt with according to existing MSPA AP Bylaws.


The AP Board has taken the first step and the MSPA AP Bylaws are being amended and reset to be aligned with the other regions. These amended Bylaws approved by AP members will be published and we will move on to take further constructive steps for the benefit of the AP region and Association as a whole.


The AP Board is putting forth their best efforts to reach an end to these differences and make the MSPA community strong and united.


We will keep you further updated on this issue.


Kind Regards,


On behalf of the MSPA AP Board.