MSPA Asia Pacific Membership Annual Dues (January - December)

  • Regular Member, First Company Office: US$300.00
  • Regular Member, Additional Office: US$200.00
  • Associate Member: US$300.00
Optional services to the annual membership:
Hyperlink and additional listing charges are inclusive in the membership fee

Member Type:


Regular Members are mystery shopping provider companies that operate within a country, region or internationally. Members are Mystery Shopping Provider Companies with full membership rights.

Charter Members are Regular Mystery Shopping Provider companies that were members at the time of  formation of Asia Pacific Chapter in 2004.

Additional Member to a Regular Member Membership is an additional employee of the Regular member company wishing to receive membership mailings, information and have a listing in the Resource Guide during the membership period of the Regular Membership.

Associate Members Membership is for company who is currently involved in business as a subcontractor, fieldwork agency, BPO agency,  technology vendor, training company, HR agency, or other supporting trade company (vendors who sell products or services to MSPA Mystery Shopping Company members).




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