Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA), the professional Association of Mystery Shopping service providers has been instrumental in creating awareness of best practices, ethics/guidelines and improving the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of Mystery Shopping globally. 

MSPA AP Workshop for Members and Mystery Shopping Providers:

As part of the MSPA-AP Education program and in our continuous efforts to provide value back for MSPA membership, the  MSPA-AP Professional Development Committee has conducted workshops in Mumbai, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Sydney, Lebanon, Jakarta and Ulanbataar. These workshops have been widely acclaimed by the Members as they were able to take advantage of the Experience, Expertise and Knowledge of the presenters.   

MSPA AP Workshop for Clients- A NEW INITIATIVE:

MSPA-AP has taken a new initiative to help its Members grow and expand their businesses.  MSPA-AP now offers its Members an opportunity to help their Clients understand and make best use of Mystery Shopping Program, a full day workshop exclusively designed for Member’s own clients helps them better understand and make use of this program for the ultimate benefit of their businesses. This is a great opportunity for Members to get benefit of this initiative. 

MSPA-AP arranges workshops on requests of Members or viewing the need of various markets. However, Members can make a request to MSPA-AP to arrange workshops for any Country or exclusively for their Clients.

These workshops are conducted for better understanding and use of Mystery Shopping Program by Mystery Shopping Providers and for better use of Program by Member’s Clients to eventually help growth of Members profitability and business.

The workshops are conducted by experts in the field of Mystery Shopping. 

To further understand the details workshops and please contact Anu Mehta