MSPA AP更新-Covid 19

MSPA Asia Pacific has taken the below measures, these are small steps in helping to control and to contain the spread of the illness:

  1. All in person meetings/workshops planned by the Association for 2020 have been postponed. We will keep you informed as the situation develops.
  2. Trainings, webinars for members will be  held via zoom / tele conferencing – schedule for these will be shared with all membership.
  3. Training sessions for shoppers will be held electronically.
  4. The MSPA AP 16th Annual Conference scheduled for 18-20 November 2020, remains unchanged as of now. We are closely monitoring the developments around coronavirus and will provide more certainty and direction for the issues as we come along.
  5. We encourage our members to share their  experiences with clients/vendors in the present scenario and suggestions with us ( how you handled them), as this may benefit fellow members as well. Facebook page link  will be shared shortly for this purpose.
  6. If you have any issue in business for which you need assistance /advice, or you would like to request a topic for online discussion or an online webinar  -  please do email Anu Mehta  she will help to organise the online support for members.  

As a Mystery Shopping Provider do observe strictly some of the key recommendations and advisory being issued by health authorities and pass them on to your shoppers / employees as well. To know more click here

Listed below are small measures you as a Mystery Shopping company can implement and evaluate in this crucial time:

  1. Move  client meetings to online meeting ( avoid face to face meetings as much as possible)
  2. Hold all trainings for shoppers/clients through teleconferencing.
  3. Make extensive use of  conference software like zoom or google meet or Go To Meeting
  4. Can the assignment be done digitally? (online or digitally).
  5. Cancel appointments/assignments if shoppers  or interviewers are sick.
  6. Consider an additional screener question to establish whether shoppers have visited or been in close contact with, any individuals who have visited, or travelled through any of the identified high-risk areas. 

Do feel free to connect, communicate, chat about any issue pertaining to Mystery Shopping Businesss.  Email Anu Mehta  she will help to organise a zoom call with the concerned Director to help give you guidance on the relevant issue.

We are here to offer any support that we are able to by connecting and sharing our collective experiences and learning from each other.  Look out for further updates.

The team at MSPA Asia Pacific cares for each of its members - stay safe and take care!